Cosmic Carnage


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Cosmic Carnage, known in Japan as Cyber Brawl (サイバーブロール), is a 1994 2-D fighting video game released for the Sega 32X, developed by Givro and published by Sega. It was one of the few original titles created for the add-on during its short lifespan.

In an uncharted star system, a group of prisoners en route to a celestial space mine overpower the ship’s guards and take control of the ship, but during their breakout, most of the ship’s controls are damaged. After days of drifting, the criminals realize that their only hope is to hijack another ship and use their distress signal to bring a military ship to their aid. They then trick the ship by ramming their own vehicle into it. The impact, however, badly damages both and destroys all but one of the escape pods, as well as killing all but four from each ship (eight in total). The few survivors fight for the final escape pod and a chance of survival.

The game was designed to use the Mega Drive’s six-button controller, along with Eternal Champions. Also like Eternal Champions, Cosmic Carnage can be very difficult to compete against the CPU characters using the standard three button controller. With the six button controller, the player is given two buttons to kick, two buttons to punch and two to ‘provoke’ (taunt), with the ‘provoke’ attack differing depending on how fast one presses the button.

Four of the characters use armor to assist them in battle; one may choose one of the two options (‘light’ or ‘heavy’) for each of the three armors (body armor, leg armor and arm armor), each providing the character with its own special move. For instance, Zena-Lan can perform a whirlwind kick in light armor and an electric ground pound attack with the heavy armor. The armor can be torn off, however, removing these attacks, a gameplay feature previously used in Allumer's Blandia, while Sega would later use it in the decade for their Fighting Vipers games.

A death move can be achieved by using special moves to win a battle in the final round of each fight (special throws will not accomplish a death move). This gameplay mechanic was previously used by Sega, who had used it in Eternal Champions and was created and popularized by Midway Games’ Mortal Kombat series. In Cosmic Carnage, either the opponents head will explode, their arms will be cut off, or they will be cut in half at the waist. Also included is a ‘zoom feature’ similar to the one used in SNK’s Art of Fighting and Samurai Showdown games that amongst other things, highlights faults with the game’s sprites.

Achieving a ‘good ending’ for a fighter is time based, so depending on how fast the player kills his/her opponents, the more time there is left to escape to the life pod and to drift far enough away from the crashed ships, so the explosion won't hit the player.