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Fahrenheit is a full motion video game published by Sega and developed by Sega Studios for release on the Sega CD and Sega 32X CD in 1995.

Developed primarily as a 32X CD title, it also saw a release on the Sega CD, where it was the same game, but with downgraded video quality. Both versions were bundled and sold together as one package for the North American release, while Japan and Europe only saw the Sega CD version being released. For the North American version, both discs were required to play the 32X CD version, which demonstrated a rare attempt to implement DRM protection in a console now known for having no copy protection at all.

Fahrenheit is one of the many full-motion-video games that were released for the Sega CD in the 1990s. Played through a first-person perspective it follows a rookie firefighter belonging to a fictional fire house called "Company 13." After an introduction exposition scene the player advances to the first of three burning buildings (i.e. a house, an apartment, and a college service basement) to rescue victims and property while disposing of potential hazards (explosives, kerosene, gas valves, etc.).

As the player wanders through each building, an on-screen menu will pop up, allowing movement to the Left, Right or Forward. The game is timed, so decisions must be made quickly or the computer will make the (wrong) decisions for the player. In addition to this, the player has a limited supply of oxygen.

The game has three different levels of difficulty and a password feature.