A Great Day at the Races

Philips CD-i

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Abstract: A Great Day at the Races is a disc that brings the excitement of horse racing into the home. It contains a series of tutorials covering every aspect of horse racing, from it's history to a multi-media dictionary of track jargon. It explains both the rudiments of betting and sofisticated handicapping methods. It contains simulated horse races, allowing up to six people to test their handicapping skills on a variety of different race classes. Everything the user needs to learn about the technical and social aspects of the race track is easily accessable.


Producer: Paul Rother, Total Vision, Inc.
Engineering: James Benton, Total Vision, Inc.
Art Direction: Chris Walker, Mr. Film
Technical Assistant: Bill Tompkins, Total Vision, Inc.
Audio Production: Howard Soroka
Creative Producer: Cal Bernstein, Dove Films
Creative Producer: Phil Mittleman, CDI Systems

Copyright: Copyright 1993, Philips Interactive Media of America, all rights reserved.