Asterix Caesar's Challenge

Philips CD-i

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Become Asterix, Obelix, Impedimenta, Panacea, Justforkix or Geriatrix (the famous characters created by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny). And visit the immense Roman empire! You can play on your own but it's much more fun to play with the family or with some friends!

Aim of the game...

Each player has a limited amount of time to travel to a number of places and collect a souvenir from each of them. These souvenir items are proof of your different journeys. The first player to get back to the village in time, with all the necessary souvenirs, wins the game.

The game track takes you on a tour of the Mediterranean area; you will visit the same places as our heroes during their adventures.

The game track has 54 squares, which are divided up like this:
9 country squares, 15 challenge squares
4 prison squares, 4 magic potion squares
6 trap squares, 4 rest squares
12 meet characters squares

In order to win the all-important souvenir items, you just have to answer the questions asked in the country squares. You can also buy them from the Phoenician merchant Ekonomikrisis, with sestertii you have won in the challenge squares.

Your game host will be the druid Getafix, who will also hand out flasks of magic potion to all the players (except Obelix who fell into the potion when he was very small).

Druid-spy Dubbelosix has some interesting gadgets you may like to try; they'll help you move more quickly. Be careful of the dastardly Tortuous Convolvulus whose favourite pastime is stirring up trouble between the players!

When you've collected all the necessary items, go back home to the village. To make the journey home a little easier, the village square is extra big and represents the final banquet.

The first player to bring his items home to the village is declared the winner and receives the victor's laurels! And Caesar won't like that one little bit!

Remember that if time runs out before any player has returned to the village with the necessary items, then I'm afraid Caesar is the winner! Well, you won't let him keep that title very long, now will you?

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Design Infogrames
Director: Bertrand Brocard
Assistant Director: Thierry Ledeul
Technical Director: Eric Mottet
Program: Christophe Laboureau, Pierre Crooks, William Hennebois, Jean-Noel Megoz
Mockups, tests: David Carlot, Pierre Girardeau
Casting: R.Lebrun, G.Rouzier, E.Franval, B.Bollet, A.Plumet
Animation Studio: Vit'Anime
Backgrounds: Studio Legrain Partners
Computer image: Dominique Sablons
Sound Studios: Studio Du Pekinois, Studio Miroslav Pilon
Sounds Effects: Bruno Zincone
Music and Sound Mix: Thierry Carron
Philips Interactive Media France: Dominique Lempereur, Armelle Loghmanian, Jean-Claude Rocle
Production: Bruno Bonnell, Jean-Claude Larue
An Infogrames production