Axis and Allies

Philips CD-i


Game Facts: The classic board game from Hasbro was licensed by Philips Media and converted to CD-i by Capitol Multimedia inc, better known as CapDisc. This game was a USA exclusive release although various European CD-i distributors did import the game, especially true of UK based retailers.

Abstract: Axis & Allies: The CD-I Version of the popular boardgame of the same name.

Bibliographic: Axis & Allies by Milton Bradley
Producer: Dave Townsend
Senior Title Engineer: Andy House
Software Design Engineer: Andy House
Art Direction: Andy House & Dave Townsend
Chief Artist: Terrence Brown
Additional Art: Andy House
Interactive Design: Andy House & Dave Townsend
Sequence Editor: Andy House & Dave Townsend

Copyright: Copyright 1992, CapDisc, all rights reserved.