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CD-I Backgammon contains everything you need to play a game or backgammon: board, pieces, dice, doubling cube, even opponents! Your CD-I player is ready anytime you fed like a quick game. Backgammon provides three animated opponents, each with a different skill level. Backgammon is easy to play. Unsure of the rules? BACKGAMMON prevents illegal moves. Can't decide which move is best? You can always get a hint. Change your mind? Just take your move back! You can also compete with your friends, with your CD-I player acting as an impartial referee. Or try the two-dimensional backgammon board, where your opponent is faceless but every bit as competitive!

Abstract: CD-I Backgammon
Interfaced designed by John Hight, Dave Townsend & Mike Willis
Strategy and Implementation by Andy House
Art work by Dave Vallone, Eddie Sutton, & Al Rosson

Bibliographic: Generated: 1991
Prepared by: Andy House
Template: CD-I Backgammon
Title: CD-I Backgammon
Description: Play backgammon against animated characters
Languages: English

Copyright: Copyright (c) 1991 PIMA & Capitol Disc Interactive