Big Bang Show

Philips CD-i


With the help of Sparkie, a little ball of energy created by Professof Albertus you are going to travel through History. Your mission: collect during your journey through lime and space a maximum number of objects in a limited tone period!

An arcade game full of surprises in which logical thinking, good reflexes, skil and reasoning are the qualities required to complete this fabulous adventure.


  • Some forty video sequences
  • 100 game levels
  • A quizz with over 1000 questions on the Big Bang, Prehistory, the Middle Ages, the 20th Century and the Future
  • 1 to 2 players of 6 years and above
  • Adjustable levels
  • French / English.
  • Abstract: BIG BANG SHOW

    Big Bang Show is an exciting and challenging game of skills featuring Albertus the mad scientist and his latest discovery, Sparkie, a bouncing ball of energy.

    For 1 to 2 players, Big Bang Show is a 2-module game package:
    - The "main module" is an arcade action game, with 100 screens and a rising level of challenge,
    - The "question module" is the Time Quizz, comprising 1000 questions on the historical periods the player travels through:

    Only when the player collects the right items, avoids the traps and answers Albertus' questions, can he hyper-space jump into another period. This requires reflexes, speed, knowledge and memory.

    More than just a game, the host Albertus adds warmth, humour and personality, presenting realistic adventure for the participants to experience.

    Big Bang Show offers a rich graphic environment, including computer graphics for all game screens, digitalized images to illustrate the five periods, video sequences for Albertus' appearances, a sound element for the sound of the ball in movement or in collision with objects, and an original musical accompaniments to the game.

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    BIG BANG SHOW a CD-I by Jean-Claude Larue and Bruno Bonnell
    Design and production: INFOGRAMES MULTIMEDIA
    Executive producer: Bertrand Brocard
    Producer: Corinne Letellier
    Technical director: Eric Mottet
    Original concept: Loriciel
    Original program: INFOGRAMES MULTIMEDIA
    Mock-ups, tests: Pierre Girardeau
    CD-I Programmation: Interactive Support Group Productions, Lee Chidgey, Doug Labus, FrŽdŽric Azera
    Scenario: Hubert Chardot, StŽphane Robert, Christian Nabais
    Translation: Johan Robson
    Music and sound effects: Thierry Carron
    Video producer: Thierry Ledeul
    Professor Albertus: Henri Osinski
    Casting and styling: FrŽdŽrique Hurpeau
    Make-up: Marie-Anne Hum
    Dubbing: Ben Smith
    Graphics: VŽronique Luillier, Christine Ravier, Dominik Fusina
    Story-board: Jack Manini, CŽdric Gachet


    Philips Interactive Media France: Dominique Lempereur, Armelle Loghmanian, Jean-Claude Rocle