Brain Dead 13

Philips CD-i

The Deaths: With Infinite lives Lance seemed to have an infinite number of possible deaths by the hooks of Fritz not to mention the multiple inventive and dastardly traps as these examples show.

Death Screen 1 Death Screen 2 Death Screen 3 Death Screen 4 Death Screen 5 Death Screen 6

The Resurrections: Brain Dead 13 didn't take the simple root of a continue screen, instead as varied as the Deaths themselves Lance had multiple ways to resurrect himself as these examples show.

Resurrection Screen 1 Resurrection Screen 2 Resurrection Screen 3 Resurrection Screen 4 Resurrection Screen 5 Resurrection Screen 6
Game Facts: After the initial success of Dragon's Lair creating the Full Motion Video Adventure genre for video games its successor and spin-offs including Space Ace offered little innovation to the gameplay. As a late arrival Brain Dead 13 reworked the genre with a simple refreshing approach, infinite lives and multiple ways to die! This addition to the games mechanic removed the frustration typically associated with these games and served up a fun and varied gaming experience. See the boxout below for a few examples of the multiple deaths and resurrections inflicted upon the games hero Lance Galahad pushing the boundaries of cartoon violence to the limit!

Abstract: Brain Dead 13.

Deep in the bowels of the sinister castle, evil is brewing...

As Lance, the world's hippest computer repair guru, you're called to the mysterious castle of the disembodied brain, Dr. Nero Neurosis. You learn of the Doctor's master plan... There's no turning back now! Race through the evil playground of the demented Doctor's twisted castle and battle the ultimate mishaps of science: Moose, Vivi and Fritz, the half-human half-pet of Dr. Neurosis.

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