CaesarĀ“s World Of Boxing

Philips CD-i



Caesars World of Boxing is a sports fantasy come true. Imagine experiencing Las Vegas heavyweight boxing in the way you have always dreamed of.........but could never afford. The fighters, the managers, the high rollers, the women, the intoxicating night life of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Caesars World of Boxing delivers an interactive boxing fantasy that offers all the color and glamour of being backstage at Caesars Palace, home to the likes of Ali, Holmes and Holyfield for some history's greatest prize fights, only this time..... the crowd has come to see you fight!

As a FIGHTER, the player must pick the right trainers and managers to take him to the top of the heavyweight ranks, defeat his opponents in the ring and deal with the tempting "distractions" of big time professional sports. The player must navigate a demanding world: the right choices lead to the coveted heavyweight championship, and the wrong choices lead to retirement with the rest of the palookas who only dreamt of being contenders.

Director: David Riordan
Producer: David White
Boxing Simulation Programmer: Gary Brian Smith
World Simulation Programmer: Mike Berro
Director of Technology: David Todd
Executive Producer: Sarina Simon
Executives for Caesars World Inc: Rich Rose, Michael Wilkins
Boxing Consultant: Gil Clancy
Design Team: Mike Berro, Paul Hoffmeier, David Riordan, Gary Brian Smith, David Todd, David White
Writers: Steven Weiss & Paul Dell and Lena Marie Pousette & David Riordan
Art Director: Courtney Lane
Artist: Lana Yu
3D Title Graphics: Leslie Doughty
Original IBM Artwork: Paul fgjfgkjdsfk
Statistics/Fighter Design: Paul Hoffmeier
Software Tools: Mike Berro, Greg Hemsath, Ken Jordan, Brandie Lynn, Dan Pinal, Gary Brian Smith, David Todd
Sound Designer: Robert Weaver
Post Production Supervision: Robert Weaver Enterprises
Sound Editors: Robert Weaver, Tom Parker
Q A: Paul Hoffmeier, Janice Bechenbach, Greg Hemsath
Caesars Gym Owner: Phillip Simms
Managers: J. Bryan Bourg, Jose Rey, Robert Clotworthy, Sam Scarber, Lena Marie Pousette
Trainers: Sam Vincent, Jim Maniaci, Elizabeth Sandifer, Kevin Richardson
Press: Tom Jackman, John LaMotta, Michael Fox, Nancy Kane, Ralph Monaco, Mark Hoffmeier
Promoters: Lee Ryan, Alan Wolf, Lou Bonacki, Kingston Ducoeur
Women: Sharron Lee Jones, Lysa Regina, Sonia Satra, Rosie Tenison, Zane Hunter, Paris Houghton, Monica Coles, Michelle Schaffer
Men: Jim Pirri, Jim Christensen
Ring Girls: Linda Walling, Laurie Gordon, Lyndsee Douquette, Adrain Andreoni, Tonya Poole
Line Producer: Johnathan Weidemann
Director of Photography: Mackenzie Waggaman
1st A.D: Fred Kennamer
2nd A.D: Steve Strachan
Production Coordinator: Beth Shiffman
Ultimatte: Bob Kertesz
Tape Operator: Greg Noyes
Video Engineer: Mike Berro
Gaffer: Mark Whitney
Best Boy: Kurt Wolf
Key Grip: John Brunhold
Grip: John Shultz
Sound: John Cevetello
Sound Assistant: Tom Parker
Makeup/Hair: Wendy Demmerle
Wardrobe: Winifred Clements
Assistant Wardrobe: Hala Bahmet
Props: Tom Cortese
Telepromter: Lee Green Electric
Script: Lia Sargent
Craft Services: Pamela Ludwig
Production Assistant: Steve Rosegrant

Las Vegas 2nd Unit

Associate Producer: Carrie Daccardi
Director of Photography: Mackenzie Waggaman
1st A.D: Fred Kennamer
Talent Coordinator: Lena Marie Pousette
Gaffer: Mark Whitney
Best Boy Electrician: Kurt Wolf
Key Grip: John Brunhold
Best Boy Grip: Tony Giordano
Driver/Swing: John Shultz
Production Assistants: Jerry Kaman, Steve Rosegrant
Extra Casting Provided by The Baskow Agency: Jackie Baskow, Franckie Picone, Tim Arie
MPEG Digital Encoding: Laser Pacific, Randy Blim
On-Line Video Editing Provided by Pacific Ocean Post: Scott Burrows
Off-Line Video Editing Provided by Eric Blum Video Productions: Rick Pratt
Voice Over Casting Provided by Off The Walla
Aerial Service Provided by Cine Exec: Jim Deeth
Boxing Footage Provided by Showtime Championship Boxing Showtime Networks Inc.
Additional Locations Provided by La Aztecka Boxing, Conejo Valley Karate Academy, K.O. Boxing
Special Thanks Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Nevada: Phil Cooper, Deborah Munch, Margret Kurtz
Philips Interactive Media: Dave McElhatten
POV Entertainment: Charlene Bonnhoff, Jackie Becker, Carrie Buse

Copyright: Copyright 1993, Philips Interactive Media, all rights reserved