Chistmas Crisis

Philips CD-i


Christmas Crisis is a 2D plaftorm game with a Christmas theme. The player plays as Santa Claus and has to disarm twenty-four presents that have been rigged with explosives by the malicious Dr. Rubberchicken. As Santa the player is armed with snowballs which can be used to knock out evil toys sent to stop you in your path by Dr. Rubberchicken.

Aside from snow, which allows the player to replenish his snow balls there's various other types of pickups that can be collected such as treasure. When enough treasure is collected the player receives a password that allows him to restart the game from that level after he has died.

The game features new themes for each level and in the end the player has to fight a final boss. Most levels are vertically orientated and thus allow for lots of jumping. In between levels there's some 3D bonus levels in which the player rides Santa's sleigh in first person perspective. The sleigh moves along a rail and the player has to dodge obstacles.