Creature Shock

Philips CD-i


The earth is overpopulated and mankind must find a second home. The spaceship Amazon is sent to investigate Saturn and Jupiter for possible colonization. Near the end of its mission, all contact is lost with the ship except for a distress beacon. The player is part of the crew sent to the Amazon's last known location to find out what happened.

Creature Shock is a first-person shooter with Full Motion Video and arcade-like elements. Aliens of all sizes and types will try to destroy the team, but each one has a weak point that can be exploited. The fighting takes place on the surface of asteroids and within mazes of passageways underground.

There are also two 3D sections where the player gets to pilot the ship.

Abstract: Creature Shock

There's Something Out There...

It is the year 2123 and the massive overpopulation of the Earth has forced the human race to investigate the colonisation of the other planets. To this end the Tribal class survey ships were constructed and each dispatched with its own mission to find mankind a new home. The Myrmidon to Mars, the Aztec to Venus, and the Amazon to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Four years later, almost at the end of its voyage, all contact with the Amazon was lost; all but the faint signal of an emergency distress beacon.

Equipped with one of the new Lynx FTL Scoutships, you must discover what fate befell the most powerful ship in the survey fleet and its crew.

Bibliographic: CREDITS, For Argonaut Software
Artists: Peter Day, Marcus Punter, Scott Butler, Marcus Morgan, Adrian King, Matthew Risley
Coders: Martin Piper, Lewis Gordon
Sound and Music: Martin Gwynn Jones
Producer: Darren Drabwell, Mark Washbrook
Management: Jez San, Neil Jackson, Jon Dean
Support: Jim Mummery, Martin Simpson, Ian Crowther
QA: Stephen Robertson, Clive Burdon, Rex el Stapla

Copyright: (C) Copyright 1995, Philips Interactive Media. (C) Copyright 1995, Virgin Interactive Entertainment. (C) Copyright 1995, Argonaut Software Ltd.

Creature Shock Cheat Codes

Using the CD-i controller and while holding down the second button click in the top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left with the first button. Then point to the letters in order "CHEAT" from the title "Creature Shock" and click on each letter using the left button (with the right button still held down). It's only the first 'e' in "Creature" that you want to click on. The Cheat Screen should now appear where you can turn Sound Effects "On" and "Off", Level Select, Main Menu and Credits are all the available options.