Crime Patrol

Philips CD-i


Abstract: "Crime Patrol" is a full motion, digital video, arcade style game in which the player is given the opportunity to move up in the ranks of a local police force. At each level the player will meet their new partner then set off to face a variety of criminals in shoot outs taking place in many different locations. Starting as a Rookie Patrol Officer, the player will have to battle thieves, gangs and armed robbers. Then, it's on to Undercover where the player must foil car thieves, mobsters and drug dealers. Next on this law enforcement career track is the SWAT Team. Here the player must shoot it out with bank robbers, drug dealers and a raucous bunch of bikers. Finally, it's on to the Delta Force and rescue missions involving international terrorists. With each level, the players skills are challenged as the missions get more difficult and more deadly. If successful, the player will be invited to join his Delta Force team members on two more harrowing missions.

Bibliographic: Produced by American Laser Games, Capitol Multimedia, Inc., and Philips Interactive Media

Copyright: (c) 1993, 1994 American Laser Games, (c) 1995 Philips Interactive Media