Dark Castle

Philips CD-i

American Interactive Media Screen Capitol Disc Interactive Screen Title Screen Introduction Screen Main Menu Screen Main Menu Screen Dark Castle CD-i Main menu Dark Castle CD-i Title screen Dark Castle CD-i The Great Hall

The Black Knight has brought misery to the land, and the end way to end this is to enter his haunted house to slay him. You are the brave adventurer taking on this quest through 14 increasingly-tough zones.

The bulk of the game is side-viewed, involving single screens to pass through, which incorporate ropes, cages and trapdoor. There are enemies walking, flying and hovering through this, and many of them respawn. Unusually your weapon to take them on (rocks) can be thrown through 360 degrees, which aims to make the gameplay more realistic and methodical. The screens were linked by hub screens, which the player passes through simply by clicking on a door.

Abstract: Dark Castle. An action-adventure game.

Bibliographic: The Dark Castle Team
Larry Lowe, Designer/Producer
Robert Patton, Engineer/Producer
Lisa Bolstad, Art Director
Douglas Corarito, Engineer/Producer
Howard Soroka, Audio
Alty Van Luijt, Engineering Consultant
Charlie Golvin, Engineering Consultant
Drew Topel, Engineering Consultant
Rod Wood, Engineering Consultant
Carol Rudisil, Producer
Michael Gallelli, Art Director
Mike Willis, Producer

Copyright: Copyright 1992, American Interactive Media, all rights reserved.