Dimo´s Quest

Philips CD-i

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To be able to marry Princess Dori, Dimo the frog has to collect all the sweets her father King Greenfoot wants throughout the kingdom! That means over 50 levels; so help Dimo in his quest in this cute puzzle game...

Abstract: DIMO'S QUEST 1.07

Dimo very much likes candy and invites you to join him. Together you will go to the different worlds looking for candy!

* since 1.04
Catcher 0.51 included.
Linked without cio.
Using 4 pcls and looping for the sound mixing.
mix_vbl is called from the event_handler.
mix_out is called in poll_music.

* since 1.05
more free memory.
now uses cdi_loader to start applications.
the vision factory leader included.
mix_muscnt now cleared in mix_start.
uses the new sysproc routines.

* since 1.06
readtoc moved to loader
bumper is centered
no white pixel anymore
in game button 1 and 2
catcher not included
cd-i ready disc
cheat mode removed

* since 1.07
call to _mix_out moved from poll_music to sysproc
set aud.mode to SYSMODE while mixing

Bibliographic: Dimo's Quest
Programming by Arjen Wagenaar
Graphics by Luke Verhulst
Game graphics and design by Infernal Bytes Germany and Eclipse
Music by Joris de Man

A 1993 Vision Factory production in cooperation with Philips Interacive Media inc.

Copyright: Copyright Philips Interactive Media International Limited 1993.