Drug Wars - Crime Patrol 2

Philips CD-i


"Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars" is a full motion, digital video, arcade style game in which the player must fight his way through small towns, big cities, shorelines and jungles to take down Lopez, the Drug Cartel Kingpin, and his hidden drug lab. At each level the player will meet his new partner and shoot it out with a variety of drug dealers, gangsters and killers in many different dangerous locations. Starting as a deputy in the Sierra County sheriff's department, the player must help the local sheriff battle small time drug dealers. Then, it's up to Chicago, to fight Lopez's operation in the big city. If the player aquits himself well here, it's on to the border where each sunny location means another shootout with the nastiest drug runners. Finally, the player will travel to South America where he will get the chance to capture Lopez and end his organization of death once and for all. The player will have to stay alert as each level will challenge him to shoot quicker and straighter in order to complete all of his missions.