Family Games 2

Philips CD-i


If you like to flit around like a fly along dirty food residues, have to fight over the bill with your partner; if you want to invent your own clever pizza topping, have had greater ambitions than smaller people or have painted (yes) your masterpieces on thick place mats, then you will feel quite at home here!

Abstract: DIMA Junkfood Jive on CD-i
Contains 5 simple games:

Buzz-off: Shoot 'm up
Roomservice: Quest
Draw, Snack and Color: Make drawings
Going dutch: Pong
Exploding pizzas: A game of wit

Bibliographic: DIMA Junkfood Jive on CD-i Implemented by the Dutch Interactive Media Associates

Copyright: (C) Copyright 1995 Philips Interactive Media and Deimos B.V.