Philips CD-i

Flashback Title Flashback Menu Screen Flashback Intro Cutscene 1 Flashback Gameplay Screen 1 Flashback Gameplay Screen 2 Flashback Death Tower Cutscene 1 Flashback Death Tower Cutscene 2 Flashback Gameplay Screen 3 Flashback Gameplay Screen 4 Flashback Gameplay Screen 5 Flashback Gameplay Screen 6 Flashback Gameplay Screen 7

Game Facts: Although you'd be hard pushed to find the credits, this version of Flashback was converted by Tiertex Ltd who also did the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) iteration of the game. Tiertex did a fantastic job on the translation of this classic to CD-i with all the animations intact and some improved cut scene screens in comparison to the original Amiga version. Unfortunately the game lacked the depth of sound offered by rival systems, in many points throughout the game where various sounds are overlayed the drawbacks of the limited sound channels offered by CD-i are quite evident. Another criticism was the incorporation of green borders either side of the screen possibly the result of saving CPU power for the intense use of complex animations on screen.

p>Abstract: Flashback: An interactive action adventure. A game that challenges you to save the world from an alien invasion. Converted for the CD-I by TIERTEX LTD.

Bibliographic: The Flashback Team is:
Programmers: Dave Healey, Allan Findlay, Benoist Aron, Philippe Chastel, Paul Cuisset
Graphic Artists: Patrick Daher, Thierry Levastre, Denis Mercier, Thierry Perreau, Christian Robert, Fabrice Visserot
Hardware Engineer: Thierry Gaerthner
Story: Paul Cuisset
Level Design: Paul Cuisset, Patrick Daher, Denis Mercier, Frederic Savoir, Fabrice Visserot
Music: Jean Baudlot, Fabrice Visserot
Sound fx: Benoist Aron, Philippe Chastel, Paul Cuisset, Fabrice Visserot
Actors: Benoist Aron, Patrick Daher, Thierry Levastre, Denis Mercier, Thierry Perreau, Christian Robert, Fabrice Visserot
Video directors: Patrick Daher, Thierry Perreau, Fabrice Visserot
Video Co-directors: Thierry Levastre, Denis Mercier, Christian Robert
Video sfx: Paul Cuisset, Thierry Perreau, Fabrice Visserot
Many thanks to: Lori Christensen, Patricia Cuisset, Anne-Marie Joassim, Jean-Pierre Luck, Marc Minier, Dympna Forkin
Special Credits to: Tiertex Limited
Directed by: Paul Cuisset
Produced by: Delphine Software and US GOLD

Copyright: Copyright (c) 1995 Delphine Software International / US Gold LTD