Golden Oldies

Philips CD-i

Guardian Screenshots: As can be seen from the screens below, Guardian was a simplistic but highly playable game.

Guardian Title Screen Guardian Level One Screen 1 Guardian Level One Screen 2 Game Over Screen Highscore Entry Screen Highscore Table Screen

Invaders Screenshots: Classic Space Invaders clone, although the game featured progressive levels it unfortunately lacked a highscore table.

Invaders Title Screen Invaders Level One Screen 1 Invaders Level One Screen 2 Invaders Level One Screen 3 Invaders Level One Screen 4 Game Over Screen

Game Facts: Volume one of the Golden Oldies series contained arcade conversions of Defender and Space Invaders renamed in this package as Guardian and Invaders respectively. The retail package and even the disc itself contained no information concerning the producer or developer, if it wasn't for a few hints left by the art and programmers then this would have remained a mystery. First clue was the title screen containing a partial logo of The Vision Factory, second clue came from the unique animations and typical styles used by this company in their games. Finally from the disc itself and probably a joke from the programmers responsible for this game the producer appears as "The CD-i Hacking Factory"!

Further to this and only noticeable from high quality screenshots taken directly from the video source of Guardians Highscore Table displayed below in the Guardian Screenshots boxout a programmer Stefan Posthuman and Artist Nik Malmqvist are credited. The former Stefan Posthuman we can safely assume is Stefan Posthuma credited on many SPC Vision games, again with typical SPC humour! The later Nik Malmqvist is of course Niklas Malmqvist credited with the artwork from the early days of Alien Gate through The Apprentice and was also involved in some aspects of Lucky Luke.