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Frog Feast is a 16-bit version of the classic Frog Bog game featuring improved graphics, sound, AI, and more. The game made its launch at both the Classic Gaming Expo 2005 and VGXPO, Dallas events on the same day.

The gameplay itself is quite simple and easy to figure out. In the single player version your goal is to catch as many flies floating about the top of the screen within the time allowed and to beat the AI's frogs score. In the 2-player version, you do the same but go head-2-head against another player which makes snagging those flies at the last minute, just before your competitor does, a real treat.

Game Facts: Following years of on/off development with the programmer Charles Doty teasing us through his RasterSoft Blog, Frog Feast was finally finished and released in time for the 2007 Classic Gaming Expo held in Las Vegas at the end of July. Frog Feast is based upon 'Frog Bog', a game created by Mattel for the Intellivision and later appeared on the Atari 2600, inspirationally called 'Frogs and Flies'! As a two-player game, Frog Feast ticks all the right boxes with simplistic accessable gameplay and maddeningly addictive. Everything a CD-i game should be!

Abstract: This is Frog Feast for the CD-I. Developed by Raster Software. Distributed by Older Games.

Frog Feast by Raster Software
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Frog Feast for CD-i by Raster Software
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