NBA Hoopz


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Toda la magia de la NBA. El arcade de baloncesto 3 contra 3 por excelencia ya está aquí.


  • Remonta los tableros y encesta desde todos lados.
  • Tras tres canastas consecutivas, los jugadores quedan envueltos en llamas y realizan movimientos aún más increíbles.
  • Jugadores de enorme tamaño, con poderosos músculos y rostros reales.
  • Distintos escenarios, desde canchas cubiertas hasta playas tropicales.
  • Más de 500 animaciones, como la bicicleta, y movimientos característicos como el tomahawk, el molinillo y el mate de 360º.
  • Licencia oficial NBA: todos los equipos de esta liga y sus plantillas actualizadas.
  • Todas las estadísticas imaginables.

NBA Hoopz is a basketball video game by Midway. This game is a descendant of NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime and a sequel to NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC. Hoopz was the only 3-on-3, arcade-style basketball video game available during the 2000–01 NBA season.

Rather than 5 on 5 action like professional play, this game features 3 on 3 play. Using players from the NBA, each player chooses a guard, forward, and center from the team's NBA roster for the first half and can make substitutions for the second half.

NBA Hoopz is an arcade-style game and not meant to be realistic: players can jump twenty or thirty feet in the air, dunk the ball from 20 feet (6.1 m) away, and do otherwise physically impossible things. Fouls are only called on flagrant pushes, foul shots are rare (and only after a number of fouls are accumulated), and there is no out of bounds. In addition, after a player makes three consecutive shots he becomes "on fire" which allows him to make almost any shot as well as goaltend without penalty. The PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast versions accommodate up to four players.

  • More than 500 High Flyin' Animations
  • Sharp Graphics, Player Models and Animated Crowds
  • Addicting Mini-Games like 21, 2ball and Around the World
  • Secret Hidden Courts like Beachside and Street Court
  • Jammin' On-Fire Mode
  • Official NBA Stats and Player Rosters
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