KAO the Kangaroo


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Capaz de vaciar una lata de Fosters en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

Kao the Kangaroo es un arcade 3D en tercera persona con un enérgico marsupial con cuartos traseros muy desarrollados y buen ojo para la lucha, como protagonista.

Armado con unos guantes de boxeo tamaño comedia, Kao el canguro salta, esquiva y ejecuta saltos triples en 25 escenarios coloristas, a lo largo de cinco mundos completamente diferentes.

En su camino, el joven canguro se enfrenta a 20 enemigos diferentes, entre los que se incluyen escalofriantes jefes de final de fase.

Sin embargo, unas patas como auténticos muelles no son el único medio de locomoción de este peludo personaje: parapentes, lanchas rápidas, snowboards e incluso una scooter espacial...

Gracias a la cámara dinámica y al innovador sistema de puntos de control, Kao the Kangaroo ofrece una jugabilidad increíble.

Además, el juego incluye películas en tiempo real, espléndidamente realizadas, y pistas de audio para cada fase, para conseguir un excepcional ambiente de juego y una historia continua.


Kao the Kangaroo will be the next in a long and ever winding list of 3D platform games ‘hopping’ to capture the minds and hearts of gamers everywhere! It has all the staple ingredients that you would expect, including obligatory main character with quirky attributes and wacky levels with a range of bizarre and strange pursuits for Kao to follow. It also has an annoying, looping soundtrack with an array of boinks and pings and a whole zoo full of mad enemies for Kao to box around the ears! So the formula is in place, but will Kao the Kangaroo be a mad enough marsupial for this kind of job?

The game is your basic 3D platformer. Guiding Kao through 25 different landscapes and past 20 different kinds of enemy is all there is to it! The imagination that has gone into the title is admirable, especially as the genre is rapidly running out of original routes to take! Colourful level design, diverse scenery and a host of mad opponents, that range from killer sharks in rubber rings to Hyper Eskimos with sharp sticks make for interesting surroundings as you jump through a series of traps and obstacles. Kao also has the opportunity to sample some extreme vehicles like paragliders, snowboards and even a space scooter!

Controlling Kao at the moment is frustrating for a couple of reasons. Firstly, for a kangaroo, he moves really slowly when he’s on foot. He doesn’t jump very far and all in all he’s a bit lethargic for a creature that is known for being able to move some! However, as soon as Kao gets his hands on any of the vehicles that can be found at certain points in the game, he zips about too fast and again becomes difficult to control. Just when you’ve got used to the speed, you’re back on foot and crawling around at a yawn-inducing pace! The second problem is that the camera angles are sometimes difficult to get to grips with. Scenery regularly blocks your view and although there is a camera option that allows you to move directly behind Kao, you are usually in a hectic moment of the game when your path is blocked by a palm tree or other related bit of foliage or rockery!

Hopefully Kao the Kangaroo will be souped up and after further development the game’s action will live up to the level design and imagination that has gone into the scenery and creatures that Kao has to box with. Unfortunately at the moment Kao doesn’t quite have the appeal of other platform games that have been released over the last few years although, to be fair, there have been some that would be hard to live up to. Kao the Kangaroo has got his work cut out, but maybe at release the developers will have done enough to make this kangaroo a knockout!

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