Mortal Kombat Gold


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Utilizando los mismo modelos 3D del MK4 de Arcade, los personajes del MK Gold están compuestos por más de 3000 polígonos cada uno, corre a 60 frames (cuadros) por segundo, tiene una resolución de 640x480 y mueve alrededor de 1 millón y medio de polígonos por segundo. Todo esto fue conseguido sin disminuir la cuenta de polígonos en la geometría del Arcade. El MK Gold utiliza la enorme capacidad del GD-ROM fabricado por Sega para la DC o Dreamcast y para adicionar fondos y escenarios que eran imposibles insertar antes en el MK4. A medida que el tiempo de la realización del juego transcurría John Tobias se daba cuenta de que con la Sega Dreamcast se podía almacenar mucho más que con el mismo MK4 de Arcade. Ya que esto era posible se decidió hacer la versión del MK4 para Dreamcast agregando personajes como Baraka, Kitana, Kung Lao, Cyrax y Mileena y transformarlos en 3D. Así, surgiendo nuevas ideas, se dieron cuenta que ya no estaban haciendo el MK4 estaban creando el Mortal Kombat Gold.

El sistema de GD-ROM de la DC es un drive normal que permitió acelerar 12 veces el tiempo de carga con los drives de doble velocidad de otras consolas basadas en CD, como la PlayStation o la Sega Saturn. A su vez, permitió cargar alrededor de 1.8 Mb de datos por segundo, en comparación con los 300 Kb por seg. de un drive de doble velocidad. El volumen de datos que tuvieron que cargar para el MK Gold era bastante alto, dadas las texturas de color real de filtros bilineales (lo que ayudó a suavizar los bordes toscos), los nuevos efectos de iluminación y la alta geometría de polígonos, pero consiguieron optimizarlo. Las películas (FMV) fueron ejecutadas en la misma resolución que el juego (640x480) y fue posible gracias al espacio adicional de los GD-ROMs. Las texturas usadas en el juego son en colores reales, no las de paletas de colores como las que se usan en consolas menos potentes. John Tobias creó el concepto artístico para los modeladores y texturizadores.


All the returned characters from MK4 (Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Raiden, and Goro) return for MK Gold. The MK4 newbies (Fujin, Jarek, Tanya, Kai, Reiko, Shinnok, and Quan Chi) also return for MK Gold. Actually, MK Gold improves upon MK4's cast of characters just by also having Reiko. You see, when the PSX and N64 had their versions of MK4, Reiko was a faceless newbie, and I found his character to be disappointing. It wasn't until GBC had a version that Reiko was revealed to be Shao Khan. Since MK Gold came out after MK4 for GBC, MK Gold's Reiko has the Khan backstory to it (while PSX/N64's MK4's Reiko doesn't). Anyway, MK Gold greatly improves upon MK4's character cast by including the characters who shouldn't have been taken out. First of all, Kitana and Mileena are back! Like Sub-Zero and Scorpion, one has an oldschool costume, and one an UMK3 one (except Kitana no longer has her veil). Kung Lao, thought to be killed in the third tournament, makes his triumphant return. Cyrax also returns, but he's no longer an ally to Sektor. His plot has actually been replaced with Smoke's, disappointingly. Speaking of the red robot, he's back, as a hidden character. And speaking of hidden characters, the awesome Noob Saibot is back! In addition, the hella cool Baraka (notice my username?) is also back! Dayamn!

Mortal Kombat 4 gameplay is very fun, and Mortal Kombat Gold gameplay is even better, with all the old characters added again. Whereas MK4 often took a classic special move and made the button combination for it different (Back, Toward, Low Punch for Raiden's Torpedo? Why??), you won't have to memorize a whole new set of combos with MK Gold. Cyrax's Net is still Back, Back, Low Kick, Mileena's Teleport is still Toward, Toward, High Kick, Kung Lao's Hat Throw is still Back, Toward, Low Punch -- I'm glad they didn't make it confusing by adding "creative liberty", like in MK4. A "weapons" option has now been added to the character select screen, so that you can actually choose which weapon you want your character to have. This increases gameplay for an obvious reason: Scorpion whipping out an ice cepter. Nuff said. But unfortunately, there's a little problem with the 3-D movement system . . . on the N64 and PSX, it was easy to take a step toward and away from the camera. The Dreamcast, as you might expect, has a bit of a limited controller. You double-tap R at impossible speed to take a step away, and hold Down while double-tapping R at impossible speed to take a step towards the camera. But hey, it's not the game's fault, right? Dreamcast has a limited controller. But why couldn't the analog being tilted up and down be used to move the characters up and down? It just sits on its lazy ass all day, watching Jerry Springer in its trailer-trash home, while the D-Pad and Run button do all the work. Oh yeah, and since this game was made with the intention of "last MK ever" in mind (I might be wrong about that, though, since I'm a moron), why not have one big ending to unlock when you've beaten the game with everybody, one that wraps up all the remaining loose ends?