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Entra en la cabina de 10 aviones de caza diferentes diseñados con alta tecnología y descubre asombrosos gráficos y un control excepcional. Experimenta la emoción de las acrobacias aéreas en más de 20 misiones diferentes. Analiza y perfecciona tu formación de vuelo y maniobras gracias a las doce vistas de cámara distintas. Si te gusta volar, con este juego encontraras todas las sensaciones que necesitas para saber lo que es vértigo y velocidad. Disfrutaras como nunca con todas las posibilidades que te ofrece.


Amongst the onslaught of aircraft shoot 'em up games such as Air Force Delta and Ace Combat, Crave Entertainment tries to put a different spin the genre with Aerowings. Instead of flying past skyscrapers, firing missiles at bogies and getting into massive dog fights with other aircraft as you hear the screams of your wing mates falling to earth in a fiery tomb, you get to fly in formation with other aircraft for points. Hmm, sounds like fun…

Like most of the other Dreamcast games, Aerowings' graphics are great. While Aerowings doesn't have the sort of detail that will make you call grandma over to the TV, the lighting effects on your aircraft are especially impressive. Parts your plane will fall under shadows from the wings or tail fins as you do barrel rolls into the sunrise. Moreover, the volumetric effects for the smoke trails from your aircraft look very realistic; they're not just a series of bitmaps but actually have volume and look like fluffy clouds or even the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

While you're not going to write Uncle Leo in New York to tell him about the graphics, Aerowings does sport very fast load times and comes filled to the brim with variety; in the amount of missions, type of climates, and the amount of aircraft you get to fly. Having to earn each aircraft can be rewarding instead of getting to jump into the fastest plane right away. It's nice to be able to return to a map in your shiny new F-15 and beat the time you set with the clunky training aircraft you start the game off in.

However, it's ironic that the most fun thing to do in Aerowings is not what the game's designers had in mind. I had the most fun trying and get my wing mates to crash, either into each other or into the ground. Because you're supposed to fly in formation, your wingmen are always no more than a few meters away from you. Whizzing through canyons all the while hearing explosions emanate from behind as the little blips on my radar disappeared was great! I'd make a game of it and select a six aircraft formation and try to beat my best time on each map! Ha, ha, die you pansy suckers! Not good enough for the Air Force are you?! Fun for the whole family; bring grandma, too!


Holen Sie tief Luft und machen Sie sich bereit für die beste Flugsimulation, die es jemals auf einer Konsole gab: AeroWings für Dreamcast. Lernen Sie Ihren Flieger perfekt beherrschen, um mit waghalsigen Kunststücken die Grenzen der Flugkunst neu zu definieren. - wählen Sie aus zehn verschiedenen Flugzeugen (u.a.Sabre F-86F und F-15DJ) - genießen Sie die fotorealistischen Grafiken aus 12 verschiedenen Kameraperspektiven - vier verschiedene Spielmodi und mehr als 20 Missionen versprechen langanhaltenden Spielspaß