Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern



Anne McCaffrey is one of the worlds leading science fiction authors. It's because of this lady that we can all enjoy the wonderful world of Pern.

Pern is a world in the process of discovery. Millennia ago mankind first set foot on this barren planet having travelled through the stars from earth, light years distant. The first colony thrived until an unseen attack from a parasitic life form left them desolate and stranded. The enemy fell from a planet that passed by Pern every 200 years and came to be known as Thread.

Fearing for their future the colony moved into the dormant volcanoes of the North and began work upon a system of Thread defence. Thus were spawned the Dragons, genetically modified from a much smaller indigenous life form known as the Fire Lizard.

Over time it was discovered the Dragons could psychically bond with their riders, becoming soul mates for life. With their technology shattered and all hope gone, mankind forged a new society where the wonders of science became the artefacts of the past. The Dragonriders became the protectorates of Pern as humanity found a new home in the stars...

And that is where our story starts, with a young Dragonrider named D'kor who will discover a threat more potent than Thread is rife on Pern, unleashed by a new and deadlier enemy.

DragonRiders - Chronicles of Pern is based on the Pern series of books written by Anne McCaffrey. At the heart of the game is a story which constantly progresses as you explore the vast world and interact with the vast array of characters that inhabit it. Set at the time of the seventh pass of the Red Star there is a whole new cast of characters exclusive to the game.

You take the role of D'kor, a novice Dragonrider known as a Weyrling. His fate is tied into a complex adventure in which the Red Star is not the only threat to life on Pern. With over 200 characters to interact with, a complex and thrilling story and some fiendish puzzles, D'kor must venture across the rich world Pern in the hope of saving it from it's greatest enemy.