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¡Uno de los blockbuster mas auténticos ha vuelto!


Like the PlayStation and N64 versions, Namco has packed a few of its best games onto the cartridge. The GBA gets five titles--Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, Pole Position, and Dig Dug are listed on the front of the box, and Galaxian is also included--all lovingly converted, complete with all the music and sound effects intact. What we don't get, unfortunately, is the amusing Museum portion and trivia found on other versions.

Ms Pac-Man and Galaga are the real winners here. Both are perfect renditions complete with spot-on controls and all the extras (music, colours, sound effects and bonus stages/cartoons). There are even two versions of Ms Pac-Man--one that shows the whole maze but is dreadfully small, and another that scrolls. Pole Position is amusing, but features twitchy controls and pales in comparison to other GBA racing games. Galaxian, on the surface, seems the same as its sequel, Galaga, but it isn't. The fire rate is much slower, so the pace of the game is different. Galaga is certainly better, but Galaxian is a nice addition regardless. Dig Dug is a classic, pure and simple, and it still plays well. It rounds out the collection nicely.