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In the futuristic Warhammer-based universe of GORKAMORKA, the Ork Mobz rule. These are gangs that compete against each other in demolition derby-style turf wars. Gather your team together, hop in your heavily armed vehicle and take to the metallic tracks in an attempt to shoot your opponents into pieces and finish in first place. Get behind the wheel or operate the top-deck gun (or switch between positions at will) in Single-Player action or go online for some multiplayer mayhem against worldwide competitors. GORKAMORKA is snarling, wheel screeching, car-combat for demolition racers everywhere.

Special Features : Gameplay based in the Warhammer universe, the interchangeable choice of driving and shooting, upgradable characters, single and multiplayer competition, and online battle via SegaNet

Delving into the gory details, Gorkamorka will be a racing game at heart. However, forming the game's supporting body are rival Ork Clans, a whole slew of vehicles and weaponry, the ability to learn new skills and evolve new monsters, and an underlying purpose - which is to dominate the racing world and be king of the hill, rather than buried under it. With more than 20 vehicles and an equal number of courses, the game is shaping up to be one of this year's more innovative and alluring titles. Mix one part Vigilante 8 with one part Might and Magic, and you have a good idea of what to expect.