El Planeta del Tesoro

Gameboy Advance

Categoría(s): Aventura


¡Embárcate en una emocionante aventura más allá de los confines de este mundo!

Únete a Jim Hawkins y a la tripulación del Legado en un futurista viaje al Planeta del Tesoro. Visita lugares intergalácticos como Montressor y el puerto espacial de Crescencia en busca del motín de los mil mundos.

Viaja a través de un sinfín de tierras alienígenas en una tabla de surf solar ultra rápida. Lucha contra John Silver y sus piratas amotinados, detén a tus enemigos con una pistola láser de precisión y disfruta con las voces reales y las escenas de la película El Planeta del Tesoro, de Disney.


Treasure Planet is an action-adventure game that plays at a tilted "isometric" angle, and has many platform-game elements. As Jim Hawkins (a character from the Disney movie), you run around, jump a lot, pick up items and fight the likes of Meltdown, Noggin, Delilah and Rusty Robot. When riding your Solar Surfer, you can speed up, jump and shoot from your cannon. While the gameplay obviously involves some cartoony combat, Treasure Island is more an exploration-based puzzle-solving game--in fact, most of the special moves Jim can do aren't combat-based at all. For example, with your shape-shifting buddy Morph, you can do various combo "morph" moves such as seeing far away, jumping extra high, performing feats of amazing strength, lighting up dark areas and becoming a storm cloud. Treasure Planet captures the feeling of the movie quite well. The way the levels are set up, and the way the music sets the mood puts you right in the movie. And to really make you feel part of the action, there are actual cut-scenes from the movie. The only downside to the game is that there is no battery-save feature, though you can save your game via password. That aside, Treasure Planet is a great title for kids and any fan of the movie. --Bryan Karsh

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island, Disney's Treasure Planet tells the famous tale as a sci-fi adventure. The central character, Jim, embarks on a journey in search of the legendary "loot of a thousand worlds". Befriended by his ship's charismatic cyborg John Silver (part man, part machine, part cook), Jim blossoms, showing the makings of a fine space-traveller as he battles with supernovas, black holes, and ferocious space-storms.