The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris

Gameboy Advance


El malvado Menthu ha secuestrado a tu prometida y está dispuestoa destruir Egipto. Como Rey Escropión tendrás que encontrar la Espada de Osiris en una apasionante aventura con finales diferentes en 6 mundos únicos y luchar contra 25 enemigos distintos.

It has been some time since Mathayus defeated Memnon, but little does he know that a new foe is lurking in the shadows. A sinister man they call Menthu has kidnapped the beautiful Cassandra, Mathayus' new bride. He and his evil sorceress apprentice, Isis, are determined to use Cassandra's magical powers to awaken the Dunes of Natash, an evil desert oasis that, if disturbed, will cast a thousand-year desert storm that will desolate the lands of Egypt.

The only way to defeat Menthu and foil his plans is for Mathayus to uncover the world's most powerful sword, the Sword of Osiris.


  • New Story Experience an original story introducing a new cast of enemies with an evil plot to destroy the Scorpion King.
  • Special Moves Avoid deadly obstacles with special moves, including the scimitar climb and the sword jump.
  • Six New Worlds Explore 6 massive worlds with weather effects such as rain and sandstorms.
  • New Weapons Fight enemies to the death using swords, scimitars and various power-up attacks.
  • Cool Collectibles Collect magical items to help increase your power, such as the Scorpion Icon, Red Power Cells, the Hero's Gauntlet, as well as various food items for energy.
  • Dangerous Enemies Combat hordes of adversaries including Mummies, Sirens, Red Turban Warriors and deadly Cobras.