1080º: Avalanche

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Ya está aquí la última edición del juego pionero en los deportes de riesgo ¡1080º Avalanche!

¡Conviértete en el as del snowboard este invierno, deja a todos sin respiración, arrasa en las pistas!

Haz vibrara tu tabla, deslízate montaña abajo a velocidades de vértigo, ¡vuela!

El descenso será duro, tendrás que enfrentarte a grandes rivales, aunque tu mayor enemigo puede que sea la montaña...


Danger is the name of the game in 1080° Avalanche. Huge air, massive drop-offs, deep powder and the nastiest tricks come together in one of tightest snowboarding games available. 1080° Avalanche is a worthy successor to the Nintendo 64 version of the game, with a wide variety of play modes, challenges and secrets to keep you on your toes (or heels, if you're turning the other way).


1080° Avalanche is teeming with challenges. In Match Race mode, your goal is to beat an opponent to the bottom of the mountain in a variety of difficulty levels. Stick tricks on the way down to increase your rider's speed and power. There are multiple routes to find on each run, so be sure to scour the landscape for grindable trees and hidden shortcuts.

One of the best things about 1080° Avalanche is the element of surprise. Huge drop-offs can easily catch you off-guard, and if you don't land just right you're toast. Rockslides, natural wildlife, dizzying drops, and sudden weather changes keep things interesting, but nothing compares to the incredible avalanche sequences which will definitely get your heart racing.

1080° Avalanche is an awesome snowboarding game. The runs are designed perfectly, and there is a wide variety of tasks to complete before you unlock everything in the game. It's been over five years since the last 1080° became the first-ever 3D snowboarding game, and 1080° Avalanche proves that it's been worth the wait!