Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

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Lucha con dientes y tuercas hasta hacerte con la victoria de la mano de Glitch, el amenazador robot de media tonelada de peso de Droid City.

Dando el paso desde chatarra hasta una impresionante máquina de matar, Glitch está decidido a liberar a sus congéneres de las garras del malvado General Corrosive y su demencial ejército de robots Mils.

¡Da rienda suelta al tormento, destrozando los siniestros planes del General de dominar el mundo, y salvando a la raza de los robots!


“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” And so the little engine that could slowly climbed the mountain.

This is the theme of Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, although in this case the little engine that could is a little mining robot named Glitch with an explosive arsenal “thrust into the midst of a planetwide rebellion” against “the evil General Corrosive and his relentless Mil army.”

And the Mil army really is relentless. They keep coming even after mowing down waves of mechanical foes with your mining laser, ripper and spew gun (i.e. shotgun). Even with the ability to assume control of unfriendlies with the tether gun and use the enemy weapons against them, Glitch will still have to dodge for cover. There are upgrades available for each weapon and Glitch has access to the old grenade (coring charge) stand-by, which turns out to be mandatory in the early going. Glitch himself can also be upgraded slightly, work with a small team of bots, and he can get behind the controls of a few different vehicles.

Relentless hordes, robots, and good weaponry – it can only mean some explosive action.

For the most part Metal Arms is packed with action, with just a bit of exploration and item collection. Some areas can be so packed with enemy fire that getting through them can prove to be frustrating, as they require repeated attempts. Sometimes it can just be a matter of exploding the right piece of equipment or slicing through the right supports. Overall, the action is more fun than frustrating.

During the heat of most fire-fights I couldn’t help but draw some parallels with Halo (for Xbox). The right shoulder button fires your equipped gun and the left shoulder button throws ordinance; the movement and aiming feels Halo-ish; and the enemies run away with arms flailing much the way the weaker Halo enemies do. However, this nod toward Halo isn’t a bad thing as the control is rock solid – it takes very little to master your various moves (switch weapons, etc.).

The early levels feature lots of subterranean levels, filled with dark corners and hidden caves. As you progress to the surface, the architecture becomes lighter and enemy units are easier to see. The design of each level is smart, with fairly spaced checkpoints, and staggered waves of enemies so you have a chance to catch your breath and maybe appreciate the graphics. I’ve never been one to dwell on a game’s graphics unless they’re exceptionally horrid. In the case of Metal Arms the graphics are good and the animation is particularly done well. Depending on where you damage enemy units, you can get some pretty hilarious animations.


Einst war er ein einfaches Stück Metall dich dann wurde er in einen zerstörerischen Kampfroboter transformiert. zerstörerischen Kampfroboter transformiert. Jetzt hat GLITCH nur noch ein Ziel und eine Aufgabe: seine Leute aus den Fängen des bösartigen Generals Corrosive zu befreien. Metal Arms ist ein futuristischer Comic-Style-Shooter, der schnelle Action mit beliebten Jump ’n’ Run Features (z.B. Power Ups) sowie zahlreichen Rätseln kombiniert.