Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

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Desarrollador: Underground Development Wikipedia

El 10 veces campeón del mundo, Dave Mirra, ha vuelto en esta secuela del exitoso juego original. Gana suficiente respeto de los otros ciclistas profesionales para conseguir que te inviten a las competiciones y embarcate en una carrera profesional para convertirte en el mejor ciclista del momento, mejor incluso que el mismísimo Miracle Boy. Lo único que te retiene es la gravedad.


Like the original release, this BMX stunt-riding sequel was developed by Z-Axis and features world champion rider Dave "Miracle Boy" Mirra as its front man. 2000 X Games champion Ryan Nyquist returns in this second edition as well, along with other big-name professional riders, and players will once again have the option of creating their own custom BMX'er. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 features eight new environments to ride and trick through, each up to four times as large as those in the original game. A level editor is also included to allow players to build their own challenges. Ten multiplayer games are available for head-to-head competition, including a "bikathalon" mode that combines the other games into one comprehensive event.