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Lost Kingdoms II, known as Rune II (ルーン II Rūn Tsu) in Japan, is a role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Activision in North America and Europe. It is the sequel to Lost Kingdoms. Lost Kingdoms II is a card-based action role-playing game where battles are fought in real-time.

Generations after the events of Lost Kingdoms, Katia of Argwyll is now remembered as a legendary queen. The heroine of this story is Tara Grimface, a reserved member of a guild of thieves, who is trying to find her way in a dangerous world. While she is an outcast even among her allies, they respect and fear her because she possesses a True Runestone that allows Tara to use powerful magic cards in battle. Tara becomes embroiled in events that will eventually shape the lands around her as she travels with the Band of the Scorpion on a mission to steal the runestones crafted in the caverns of Kendaria. It is here that Tara first happens across the monster responsible for creating these runestones to which she later finds to be the body of the god of harmony. Through the journey Tara undertakes she will eventually find herself on a path to discovering her former self. Although, if she is to uncover the secret of her mysterious origins, she will have to overcome her distrust of others.

In Lost Kingdoms II the player engages enemies during exploration and may revisit levels after they have been completed. There are a number of new cards, though most of the original cards from the first game are retained. Many of the originals have their effects reworked in various ways. Notable changes in the card effects include giving each summon card two effects that the player may choose from, and a new type of card that transforms the player into a creature.(226 cards total).

A notable interface addition is the ability to pay double the cost for any card in exchange for enhanced effect. Certain card combinations can be combined into a single, generally highly potent effect.

A new element is also introduced along with the original elements of fire, water, wood, earth and neutral. The new element, mechanical, is much like neutral as it has no weakness and strengths versus other elements. The only difference between the two is that mechanical and neutral have separate power levels, which the player can increase by using cards of the same element repeatedly, but lowering all other elements slightly and the opposite element even further. The main villain of the game is a user of the mechanical element.


Les Royaumes perdus II (Lost Kingdoms II, Rune II ; ルーン Tsu au Japon) est un jeu de rôle vidéo développé par FromSoftware et publié par Activision en Amérique du Nord et en Europe. Il est la suite de Royaumes perdus. Les Royaumes perdus II est une base de cartes-action-rpg où les batailles sont menées en temps réel.

Des siècles après les événements du premier volet des Royaumes Perdus, Katia de Argwyll est maintenant dans les mémoires comme une reine légendaire. L'héroïne de cette histoire est maintenant Tara Grimface, membre de la bande du Scorpion, une guilde de voleurs. La jeune femme tente de trouver son chemin dans un monde dangereux où même ses alliés la craignent, parce qu'elle possède une Pierre Runique qui lui permet d'utiliser de puissantes cartes magiques mais ils respectent également car elle leur est utile pour leurs opérations mais aussi lors de batailles. Impliquée dans les événements qui finiront par façonner les terres autour d'elle, elle devra faire face à un passé qui ressurgît progressivement et l'aidera à mieux découvrir qui elle est vraiment.