Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

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Puede parecer que no haya nada que una sus miembros con su cabeza, ¡pero no subestimes a Rayman por ello! En este juego de plataformas al estilo de los dibujos animados, Rayman debe recuperar al Señor Oscuro de Lum, que ha sido tragado por su amigo Globox.

Con más de 50 mapas que reflejan ocho universos y un modo para cuatro jugadores, ¡Rayman 3 es un auténtico festín del género de plataformas!


Ultimate Powers, Ultimate Enemies, Ultimate Havoc! When Globox accidentally swallows the Lord of the Dark Lums, Rayman must face the Hoodlums, a bumbling yet deadly army of evil bent on recovering their leader from Globox and overtaking the land. Rayman’s only chance? Quest to find a cure for the manic Globox, scour the land for unearthly new powers, and win the allegiance of a fierce warrior-tribe known as the Knaaren.

Rayman's Bustin' Loose! - Rayman's back with brand new powers and equipment like Shock Rockets, the Lockjaw, Vortex Fist, Mini-Shoe Car, Funky-boards and other supercool stuff.

Totally Wicked Enemies - Charge into intense battles with the crazed Hoodlum Army and giant transofming bosses - each trained with cunning group fighting tactics.

Bizarre Worlds of Epic Proportions - Plunge into worlds packed with zany comedy and eye-popping visuals and discover tons of deliriously strange creatures like Mawpaws, Squabs and loads more.

Bursting with Bonuses - Play like a hero and unlock bunchies of mini-games, secret videos and other fresh bonuses!


The GameCube version of the game features exclusive content compared to the other releases of the game, which include several minigames. Additional content could be unlocked by connecting the Game Boy Advance version of the game to it.


Il semble ne pas avoir de corps reliant ses membres et sa tête, mais Rayman ne doit pas être sous-estimé. Dans ce jeu de plate-forme de style dessin animé, Rayman doit extraire Dark Lum lord, qui a été avalé par son ami plutôt simplet Globox.

Avec plus de 50 cartes recouvrant 8 univers, plus un mode 4 joueurs unique, Rayman 3 ravira tous les fans de jeu d'action et de plate-forme.


Diesen kleinen Helden sollte man nie unterschätzen. Rayman muss diesmal den Dark Lum Lord befreien, der von seinem etwas trotteligen Freund Globox verschluckt wurde. Kämpf dich auf über 50 Maps durch acht Universen zum Ziel. Mit dem exklusiven Multiplayer-Modus "Capture The Flag" kannst du mit bis zu vier Spielern spannungsgeladene Action in Echtzeit erl

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