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The first puzzle game for the N64 is a spinning and flashing 3-D blast!

In Tetrisphere, you blast your way to the core of a giant sphere. But that's a bit like saying Mario is just another guy with a moustache. Tetrisphere looks to be another dazzling time-killer in the tradition of Tetris and Tetris Attack. It's no surprise to find out that Alexei Pajitnov, the creator of the original Tetris, consulted on the game's development.

The basic objective is to drop pieces next to two or more like-shaped pieces. All the pieces must be flush -- touching corners doesn't count! All the pieces in a successful combo will explode, opening up a path into the sphere. On all the but easiest settings, it will take lots of explosions to clear a path to the core.

Drop a piece that fails to make a combo, and you'll lose a life. Lose three lives and the the game is over. You'll have to watch your Speed Meter -- if you don't move fast enough, the sphere will grow and grow like a Japanese movie monster. When it gets big enough, it will bump into your screen, forcing you to drop a piece and loose a life.

You can move pieces around on the Tetrisphere to set up huge combos, which, believe us, are very very good. That's because the more pieces are in a combo, the bigger the score in your Combo Counter. Successful combos will create glowing Power Pieces.

You can actually pick up Power Pieces, moving them up one level on the Tetrisphere. You can't do that with regular pieces. What's more, combos with Power Pieces explode more slowly than regular combos. If you're quick, you can fire off additional combos, giving you even a bigger Combo Count.

Whopping big Combo Counts also earn you Magic boom-boom devices such as a Firecacker, Bomb and Ray Gun