Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2


Categoría(s): Acción

Los Army Men y una traidora espía azul. La diabólica y bella Brigitte Bleu trae de cabeza al general Plastro. Sus enamoradizos hombres nunca han estado tan contentos. Así que unen sus fuerzas y desafían a los héroes de esta popular saga, Sarge y Vikki. Pero en esta ocasión se trata de un Army Men con más acción que nunca.


You add a beautiful but diabolically treacherous Blue spy named Brigitte Bleu. General Plastro's side never looked so good! Together they pose the ultimate challenge to Sarge and Vikki.

You put in more amazing action in the real world, where the miniature combatants clash in new environments, like a refrigerator, a pinball machine, and a toy store -- the ultimate toy-war weapons depot!

In the midst of their mission to capture Field Marshall Tannenberg, the Tan Army henchman of the evil General Plastro, and win the war, Green troops keep getting plastered. Plastrified, that is. Plastrification is what happens when Plastic Men spend too much time in the real world. They get stiff and grow a plastic base. Not much help when there's a battle to be fought.

Tan troops, however, seem to be able to avoid Plastrification. Sarge, Col. Grimm and Vikki suspect the Tans have some sort of anti-plastrification ingredient.

But Brigitte Bleu, beautiful, sinister Blue nation superspy, has the secret. Neither Tan nor Green, she could be working for either side -- and she's offered the deplastrification serum to Plastro in exchange for a share of his conquests. Forming an alliance with Brigitte, Plastro can use the serum to create all the Shock Troops he needs to overrun the Green nation!

All Sarge and his squad have to do is capture Tannenberg, rescue Vikki, thwart Plastro, and deal with the doublecrossing Brigitte's ultimate secret -- and the hidden purpose behind her plots!