Gauntlet Legends


Categoría(s): Acción

Ponte el la piel de un Mago, un arquero, un guerrero, o una valkiria y recorre 10 mundos con mas de 40 enormes niveles cada uno para derrotar a todos los enemigos y convertirte en una leyenda.


The real star of Gauntlet Legends however is the killer multi-player mode. While the singular game can be quite engrossing in it's own right, tackling golems and dragons with three of your buddies is unbelievable fun. Forming strategies and conquering the baneful minions without mercy as a group is what it's all about. The best part about it is, that with all the special items, weapons, and characters you can choose from, every adventure will feel like a new one no matter how many times you play through it. As any big game fan will tell you, titles that can pull that off successfully and not suck are the serious goods.