Pokémon Puzzle League


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¡Bienvenido a Pokémon Puzzle League! Uno de los mayores honores para un entrenador Pokémon es ser seleccionado para participar en el Torneo Oficial Puzzle League. En este nuevo tipo de combate Pokémon, debes utilizar tu Pokémon más fuerte para competir contra los mejores entrenadores en Puzzle League Village. Tu éxito en Pokémon Puzzle League dependerá de la velocidad de tus dedos y de tu mente. Los verdaderos maestros de puzzle Pokémon descubrirán muchas formas de juego, pero la idea básica es la desaparición de las piezas del puzzle al hacer coincidir tres o más bloques del mismo color. Cuantas más piezas de puzzle elimines al mismo tiempo, mayor será tu puntuación. Si compites contra otro entrenador, puedes enviarle potentes ataques a su tablero realizando grandes combos y reacciones en cadena (Skill Chains). Si no puedes colocar tu pila de piezas del puzzle antes de que alcancen la parte superior de la pantalla, estás perdido. Descubrirás muchos retos al moverte por Puzzle League Village, desde el excitante Puzzle Mode en 3D hasta los complejos ejercicios de la Universidad Pokémon Puzzle. La mejor forma de experimentar Pokémon Puzzle League es ir acompañado de un amigo en tu aventura. Los combates entre dos jugadores Pokémon son verdaderamente intensos y están llenos de acción. ¿Estás listo para este tipo de combate Pokémon?


Welcome to Pokémon Puzzle League! Being selected to participate in the Official Puzzle League Tournament is one of the greatest honors a Pokémon Trainer can earn. In this brand new type of Pokémon battle, you'll have to use your strongest Pokémon to compete against the very best Trainers in Puzzle League Village.

To succeed in Pokémon Puzzle League, your fingers have to be fast and your brain has to work even faster. True Pokémon Puzzle Masters will discover many ways to play the game, but the basic idea is to destroy puzzle pieces by matching up three or more blocks of the same color.

The more puzzle pieces you eliminate at the same time, the more points you'll score. If you're battling another Trainer, you can send powerful attacks to their puzzle board by completing big Combos and Skill Chains. If you can't clear your stack of puzzle pieces before they reach the top of the screen, you're doomed.

You'll discover many challenges as you travel through Puzzle League Village, from the exciting 3D Puzzle Mode to the brain-bruising exercises at Pokémon Puzzle University. The best way to experience Pokémon Puzzle League is to bring a friend along on your adventure. Heated two-player Pokémon battles are so intense and action-packed that you just might forget to breathe!

Are you ready for this new type of Pokémon Battle?

Visit Mimic Mansion Visit Mimic Mansion for a step-by-step tutorial from Tracy and Marill.

Take out the Garbage The blocks at the top of each playing field are called "Garbage." To get rid of them, you have to clear at least one puzzle block which is touching a Garbage block.

Trash-Talkin' Trainers Between battles in the One-Player Stadium Mode, you get to watch as Ash and other trainers trade words.

Oak to Ash: Get into the Action!! Ash gets an urgent call from Professor Oak -- he's missing the Pokémon Puzzle League Tournament!

That Pesky Team Rocket! In Spa Service, you have to chase down Team Rocket after they steal your Pokémon.

Scout the Competition Visit the Profiles section of the Pokémon Center for detailed stats on your favorite Pokémon and Pokémon Trainers.

The Gang's All Here! The greatest part about Pokémon Puzzle League? The huge cast of famous Pokémon and Pokémon Trainers!

Learn the ways of a Puzzle Master! In the Puzzle University, you have to clear all of the blocks using a limited number of moves.

Pokémon Battle Cry! Choose your Pokémon, then enter the battle. Once all three of your Pokémon are defeated, the match is over. As you rack up big combos and chains, you'll hear your Pokémon let loose a battle cry.

Intensity for Two Players Few games can match the extreme intensity found in PPL's exciting two-player mode. If you stop to blink, you're doomed!