Scooby-Doo!: Classic Creep Capers


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Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers is a platform game published by THQ for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color, based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. The Nintendo 64 version, developed by Terraglyph Interactive Studios, was released in November 2000, while the Game Boy Color version was developed by Digital Eclipse Software, and released in February 2001. A PlayStation version, identical to the Nintendo 64 version, had been in development by Terraglyph Interactive Studios, but was cancelled.

The game follows the Mystery Inc. investigating a crime ring run by a mysterious ghoul king through four levels. The first three levels retell three episodes of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, while the fourth is an original mystery. The player controls Shaggy and Scooby as they find clues and trap pieces to complete the levels. Velma, Fred, and Daphne assist them.

When Shaggy is scared enough times, he leaves the area and the player must restart. The fright can come from simple things such as the opening of a mummy's case or complex dangers such a moving dinosaur display hitting the player. 'Courage' can be restored by finding food to eat in a cafeteria or in Scooby Snacks lying on the ground.

Each room, or sometimes different sections of the same room, are presented as unmoving camera shots which the player moves through. A familiarity with the television show helps the player, as in one instance, the player must hide inside a two-dimensional painting to escape a villain.

Villains are Black Knight, Snow Ghost, The Witch Doctor, and the game exclusive Ghoul King.


Scooby Doo! Classic Creep Capers is een platformspel gebaseerd op de animatieserie Scooby Doo. Het spel is ontwikkeld door Terraglyph Interactive Studios en uitgebracht door THQ voor de Nintendo 64 en Game Boy Color. De N64 versie vertoond grote overeenkomsten met de Resident Evil titels.

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