Starshot: Space Circus Fever


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Vas a vivir las alucinantes aventuras de Starshot el mago de las estrellas del Space Circus. Tendrás que demostrar un valor y una habilidad fuera de lo común si quieres vencer a Wolfgang von Ravel el diabólico dirctor de tu infame competidor, el circo Virtua Circus, y así salvar Space Circus de la ruina y la destrucción,

Requisitos PC : P200 MMX (P133 con VooDoo II o superior), 32 MB RAM, SVGA PCI/AGP, CD ROM 8x, Win9x/Me


You'll ride along on the crazy adventures of Starshot, the star juggler of the Space Circus. Your courage and skill will be tested to their limits as you try to overcome Wolfgang von Ravel, the diabolical director of your crooked competitor - the Virtua Circus. Beat these guys and save the Space Circus from ruin!

Space Circus is the biggest circus vessel in the Universe, but at the beginning of the adventure, things are not going too well. Space Circus has been overtaken by its rival, Virtua Circus, run by the infamous Wolfgang von Ravel. Virtua Circus which, thanks to its new spectacular virtual show, is a sell-out.

Space Circus is also riddled with debt. It is being chased by the Intergalactic Bank, which has threatened to send out its fearsome Robot-Bomb bailiffs.

To save the Space Circus from bankruptcy or even destruction, you play the part of Starshot, the Space Circus's star-juggler. You're going to travel through distant galaxies in search of the most extraordinary performers, to help put on the best circus show in the history of the Universe. But be careful, because Wolfgang von Ravel and his henchmen are sworn to ensure your demise!!!

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