Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2


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No hay nada como la sensación de libertad absoluta que tienes sobre tu monopatín. Desde los chasquidos de las ruedas mientras vuelas por la acera, hasta la simple felicidad que te embarga cuando consigues un nuevo truco, el skateboarding te hará pasar excelentes ratos. No obstante, por mucho que te guste practicar este deporte, te resultará imposible patinar 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana. Aquí es donde Activision entra en escena. Cuando estás demasiado cansado para volver a intentar ese nuevo truco, habrá llegado la hora de retirarte a tus aposentos. Allí, enciende tu Nintendo 64 y disfruta como nunca hayas podido imaginar con Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Este juego te permite comprobar cómo se siente un auténtico patinador. Como Pro Skater original, THPS2 presenta una interesante combinación de simulación y acción arcade. Todos los trucos son auténticos y con la fluidez con que se desarrolla, el juego resulta muy realista. Pero el realismo desaparace cuando ves al patinador enlazar movimientos extraordinariamente peligrosos y difíciles. En teoría, todos los trucos del juego podrían lograrse en la vida real, pero no si se enlazan o se realizan a la altura y a la velocidad propuesta en el juego. Aquí radica la diversión del mismo.THPS2 te permite crear tu propio patinador desde cero, mediante una nueva función Create-A-Skater. Selecciona la edad, posición, cara y ropa de tu patinador; y elige uno de dos estilos de pelo diferentes. Otra mejora importante en Pro Skater 2, es la incorporación de un modo Park Editor Mode. Esta formidable función te permite diseñar tu propio circuito con rampas, hondonadas, barandas y otros obstáculos. Puedes utilizar elevadores para variar la altura de los obstáculos y al final tendrás tu propio parque de skateboarding que podrás llevar donde quieras mediante un Controller Pak. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 incluye también un modo multijugador para dos personas, así como los modos Free Skate y Single Session. Hay 13 patinadores profesionales del mundo real disponibles inmediatamente y otros patinadores secretos esperando para que los desbloquees. Pro Skater 2 mejora enormemente el original, que ya era casi perfecto. No te lo pierdas.


Nothing beats the totally free feeling of skateboarding. From the click-clacking sound of your wheels as you fly down a sidewalk to the pure joy which comes from sticking a new trick, skating satisfies all human senses. Excluding the occasional pebble or security guard, it's nearly impossible to feel sad on a skateboard.

Even the hungriest of ams can't skate 24-7, though. That's where Activision comes in. When you're just too tired to try that new trick even one more time, it's time to push back to the shack. Eat some grub, fire up the N64, then lay down the sweetest lines imaginable with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Even if you've never been haunted by a terrifying handrail which you know you should try, Pro Skater 2 lets you feel what's it like to be a bona fide skater. Who knows ... you just might be inspired to go out and lay down some cash for a board of your own!

Like the original Pro Skater, THPS2 presents an interesting mix of both simulation and arcade action. All of the tricks are authentic, and the smooth gameplay makes the game feel very realistic. Realism flies out the window when you watch your skater link together impossibly dangerous and difficult combos. All of the tricks in the game could potentially be pulled off in real life, but not linked together as they are and not at the game's suicidal height and speed. That's what makes this game so fun.

Before we start rattling off the new gameplay modes and features in Pro Skater 2, let's start with the most important new addition to the game: manuals. Manuals. Manuals. Did you get that? Manuals, baby. Manuals were conspicuously missing in the original Pro Skater, and their presence in THPS2 completely changes the way you play.

Manuals are basically wheelies. Skaters balance on their two back wheels for regular manuals, or on their two front wheels for nose manuals. Normally, manuals begin from an ollie or a flip trick. For example, a pro skater might heelflip to a ledge and land on his two front wheels. He'd roll on those two front wheels to the edge of the ledge, then kickflip to the ground or onto another ledge. Manuals were all the rage in the early 90's, but even today you'd be hard-pressed to find a skate video without them.

In Pro Skater 2, you press down then up to start a regular manual or up then down to start a nose manual. A balance meter appears on the screen, and you have to "manually" keep your balance as you ride on two wheels. What's the big deal about this? By doing a manual, you can keep your combos going. Let's say you just linked together three grinds on a long rail, but you've reached the end. Kickflip off the rail, press down then up in the air and you'll land with a manual. Ride across the street to another rail, and keep your combo going. With this new feature, high scores soar and no line ever ends. This radically changes the gameplay experience -- in a great way.

You'll also notice a new trick system which judges your style. In the original game, you either landed tricks or landed on your face. In Pro Skater 2, the game lets you know if your landing was poor by giving you a Sloppy pre-fix to your on-screen trick display. Stick your trick with style to get a Perfect rating. If the landing was just average, you'll receive no classification at all.

There are other new tricks, as well as all-new courses to conquer. Your main goal on each course is to complete objective-based goals, but this time there are many more things to check off your list. Here's a sample hit-list from the first course:

As you can see, a SICK score was added to keep you challenged once you start getting the hang of the new gameplay system. Hitting gaps and sticking specific tricks are also new features, and there are more items to collect and destroy on each course. Instead of video tapes, you're rewarded with cash for completing each task.

Your cash can be used in a number of ways. You can spend some dough on a new deck, improve your skater's stats or use it to purchase new tricks. When you buy a new trick, you get to pick which button combination to assign to that trick. By the end of your career, you'll have a custom skater which matches your individual style. In fact, THPS2 even lets you create your own skater from scratch, in a new Create Skater feature. This mode is not as detailed as we've come to expect from other sports games, but at least it lets you sport two different kinds of mullets.

Another major improvement in Pro Skater 2 -- especially if you've ever built a ramp in your back yard -- is the addition of a Park Editor Mode. This awesome feature lets you design your own course using ramps, bowls, rails and other obstacles. You can use risers to vary the height of the obstacles, and in the end you'll have your own custom skate park which you can take with you on a Controller Pak.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 also features a multiplayer mode for two players, as well as Free Skate and Single Session modes. There are 13 real-world Pro Skaters immediately available, and even more secret skaters waiting to be unlocked.

Available now, Pro Skater 2 vastly improves on the original -- which itself was near perfect. Check it out.