Categoría(s): Arcade


The Snakes are on the loose and spreading from N-Gage to N-Gage like a virus! The Snakes is a complete redesign of the classic 2D Snake game, taking it to an entirely new level of arcade fun and excitement in 3D. Download the entire game for free to fight the primordial battle of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The Snakes is a whole new level based world of gameplay, containing over 40 stages of complex mazes with colorful and brilliant 3D graphics, not to mention the impressive gameplay generated soundscapes. Quick reflexes are needed in making those sharp turns and collecting scattered power-ups, shields, teleporters, and other specialities. The game takes full advantage of the N-Gage’s bluetooth connection, perfectly showcasing its unique multiplayer gaming capabilities. Simply use the ”Send game” function to infect your friends’ game decks, then go against eachother in multiplayer mode with up to four people via Bluetooth. You can also compare your results with the world on the boards of the N-Gage Arena.