Worms World Party


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La fiesta del "gusaneo" más divertida... Por turnos.

En ella, los gusanos combaten en escenarios personalizados o aleatorios. Y ya que los gusanos tienen fama de juerguistas, no hay excusa para no venir.


In Worms World Party, players control each of the four worms individually as they lead them into battles across a variety of missions and a number of dedicated online locations. You can use whatever weapons come to hand to eradicate the rival worms. A wealth of weaponry--including bazookas, grenades and sheep launcher--are available. Adverse weather conditions can affect the trajectories of projectile weapons, creating a game of genuine skill.

Worms World Party features a new editor to create and edit your own missions. You can place them on the Internet for others to download. With 20 new multi-player missions, players can now team up with a buddy on co-operative missions. Plus, there are 45 amazing single player missions--from puzzle-style to real-time action. The Wormopaedia gives you an extensive catalogue of weapons, tips, and mythology. Additional new special effects round out this fun and addictive game.

Other additions are the Wormpot, which can provide 400 gameplay variations from "Goliath Mode" to "Bleeding Worms", hundreds of new landscapes, flags and fanfares, and many single-player missions.


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