Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party


Categoría(s): Adultos

Cel-shaded adventure game, in which gamers assume the role of Larry Lovage, nephew of the original Larry Laffer. Explore an extensive and highly detailed 3D college campus, while solving puzzles and engaging in risque activities. The game sports more than 30 hours of gameplay, 10 different characters, and plenty of double entendre, sticky situations, and dirty talk. Characters include Loosey, the manipulative cheerleader hottie, Nigh T. Mishons, Larry's soda-guzzling, gamer friend, Professor Drew Barringmore who doesn't think much of clothes, in addition to main characters Larry, Rosie (the lady Larry tries to woo) and Chuck (her jock boyfriend). In addition to single-player gameplay, players can also wirelessly square off against an opponent in four different turn-based mini-games.