EarthSiege 2


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Desarrollador: Dynamix Wikipedia


Los herc cibernéticos se han sublevado e iniciado una guerra que dura ya 20 años.

Requiere :486/66, 8 Mb RAM, Tarjeta Vesa LB/PCI/AGP 2 Mb VRAM minimo, SoundBlaster, Win 3.1/Win9x/Me


Blood & Bone Against Silicon & Steel

Cybrid HERCs, created by man to do men's bidding, turned on their creators and initiated a 20-year guerrilla battle for control of the earth and its distant colonies. Now they've assembled in massive numbers, preparing for a final assault on earth. For them it is victory or death, and death has little meaning to a machine.

Scientists and engineers are working around the clock developing new defensive HERCs, your powerful new warriors. The future of human existence rests squarely on your shoulders and the metal shoulders of your fighting HERCs.

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