Zero Zone


Categoría(s): Aventura
Desarrollador: Cryo Interactive Wikipedia


Nos encontramos en el año 2098 en Megatown, una ciudad tentacular poblada por Bios y Cybers. Los Bios emplean a los Cybers como esclavos, destinando a los hombres a las fábricas y a las mujeres a servir.

Tu padre acaba de ser asesinado, por lo que has heredado su empresa y toda su fortuna. Este es el contexto en que se desarrolla Zero Zone.

Tendrás que ayudar al agente Rider a descubrir quién y por qué asesinaron a tu padre.

Viajarás por el espacio infinito para encontrar un chip informático que desencadenará la unión entre los Bios y los Cybers de una manera muy sensual.


It's the year 2098 in Megatown, a sprawling city populated by Bios and Cybers. The Bios use the Cybers as slaves; the males work in factories, and the females serve. A young man named Stan Gonzo unexpectedly receives a will from his father, whom he never met. Stan inherits a large fortune and becomes the leader of Kanary, the largest Cyber technology company. There is one big problem, however: Stan's father hasn't died of natural causes. A police officer is sent to investigate the murder, and Stan decides to help him. He must get to the bottom of the mystery, find out who his father really was and who has murdered him, and discover secrets that will change the relationship between Bios and Cybers forever.

Zero Zone is a puzzle-solving adventure with pre-rendered backgrounds representing locations. The player navigates Stan from a first-person view with a point-and-click interface. The camera can be rotated in 360 degrees; however, movement is still restricted by "jumping" from one pre-rendered image to another. Conversations with other characters, gathering clues, and solving puzzles advances the game's story.

It's the year 2098 in Megatown, a sprawling city populated by Bios and Cybers. The Bios use the Cybers as slaves; the males work in factories and the females serve.

Your father has just been killed and you have inherited his fortune as well as his company. It is within this harsh and heart-pulsing context, amid a world of sumptuous settings, that the story unfolds.

Your mission is to help Agent Ridley find out who killed your father and why. You'll journey through outer space in search of the computer chip that wAI allow the sensual union between the Bios and the Cybers.


Megatown, 2038 na Christus. Jij, Stan Bonzo, ontvangt een mysterieuze brief die Je leven op zijn kop zet en het begin zal zijn van een zoektocht naar de waarheid...

Slap in de wonderlijke wereld van Zero Zone. Een hi-tec wereld waar klonen, bio's en cybers de gewoonste zaak zijn. Een wereld naarin je vader samen met zijn compagnon Matt Mutron een gigantisch imperium heef opgebouwd. Maar wat is er met je vader gebeurd? Waarom ben jij. Stan Gonzo, de meest gezochte terrorist van het universum? Probeer je onschuld te bewijzen in een wereld vol technologie, vreemde planeten en wel hele rare cybers!

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