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Ayuda a Minskie a encontrar a sus Xem-gatitos. Han sido raptados por cazadores. Minskie tiene que recatar sus once Xem-gatitos en una sola aventura. Su única esperanza para vengarse de los cazadores sería jugar al ciberdeporte nacional. Intenta esto: 3 niveles de dificultad y más de 30 niveles de puzzles y alboroto.

  • Para 1 o 2 jugadores
  • Fantásticos caracteres de dibujos animados
  • Bandas sonoras y diálogos de 16 bits

    Construir, romper y destruir es todo lo que tienes por delante para ser el minskie más fabuloso.

    Minskie grasps the neon ledge as he struggles in vain to thwart the abduction of his eleven Xem-kittens. As he tearfully gazed across the iridescent skyline the spacecraft thunders over the Speris lands, its engines muted by the gas filled window. As Minskie looked on there was a bright blinding flash as the spacecraft jumped into hyperspace towards the darkside of the moon. The forcefields of Speris should have pulled the craft back.........

    but it was now too late the bounty hunters craft was hr more powerful and advanced for the lands of Speris technology. Minskie had to act quickly, he had no option but to deploy his gridrunner troops to descend on planet Sidiri, this was bounty hunter land. But deep down he knew that this was not enough, Minskie was worried, would he ever see his Xem-kittens again? The task ahead of him was difficult, Minskie had to rescue his eleven Xem-kittens solo. His only hope to avenge the bounty hunters would be to play his national cyber sport. He must set the controls for the heart of the sun, log on, type the password and play cyber-connect-a-cat