Falcon 3.0


Categoría(s): Simuladores
Desarrollador: MicroProse Wikipedia


Requiere : 386, 2 Mb RAM, VGA, CD ROM, DOS 5.0, AdLib/SoundBlaster


Falcon 3 is the revolutionary flight simulation game released by Spectrum Holobyte in 1991. This is considered by many to be ''the game that started it all'' due to its quality excellence of that time. There's actually a lot of truth behind that statement because Falcon 3 was the game at the head of the simulator revolution and can easily go down as one of the best flight simulator games of all time.

When Falcon 3 begins, you are placed in the middle of a busy war room. At this point, you have one of a few options to choose from in order for you to proceed. You can go to Red Flag, the Falcon 3 training course, where you can practice your flying and combat skills. If you are totally impatient and just want to proceed straight to the action, you can move straight into Instant Action mode, where you fly around in your F-14 fighter jet and single-handedly wipe out as many enemies as you want until you either get shot to smithereens or decide to return to your base. The other options in the war room, besides game settings, all pertain to your squadron, should you decide to start one.

If you do decide to start your own squadron, there are a number of different squadron names and insignias to choose from, as long as you don't have a squadron set up already. After a squadron is chosen, you must choose one of three locations across the globe in order to set an army base in the selected area to attack the enemy forces that have overtaken that country. From here, you can head to your squadron control room, where you can view you fighters' statistics, optionally trade your fighters with those of another squadron, and return back to the war room for preparation of your next mission.

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