A-10 Tank Killer


Categoría(s): Simuladores, Acción
Desarrollador: Dynamix Wikipedia


El diseñador Damon Slye, conocido por sus simuladores de increíble realismo, te brinda la oportunidad de convertirte en un piloto de élite. Alísatte y participa en las campañas basadas en una III Guerra Mundial ficticia

Requiere : 486/25, 4 Mb RAM, SVGA 640x480x256, DOS, Win9x (modo DOS)


Updated version of Dynamix oldie flight sim A-10 Tank Killer from 1989. This one was released after their huge success with Red Baron two years later and features additional missions including a Desert Storm scenario, overall improved graphics and sounds. But essentially it is very much the same game. Unlike the old version, this remake doesn't require a slow-down utility... or sort of as there are still lots of problems on modern machines such as messages disappearing too fast or some unusal behaviour on take-off. But you can fly without going 60000 mph or making 50 left-turns when pulling the stick left for a second on a fast Pentium. A must-have for all fans of World War sims.

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