JetFighter IV Fortress America


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Lo impensable ha ocurrido : América ha sido invadida.

Vuela con la primera línea de defensa contra la coalición chino-rusa con sus temidos Super Portaaviones cargados con los MIG-42, MIG-44 y el mortífero nuevo Berkut S-37. Utilizando armas fuera de lo normal, tu misión es esvitar que el enemigo se afiance en la posición de la Costa Oeste.

Un desafío más fácil de manejar para avezados pilotos. Espectaculares visualizaciones, acción palpitante y expansivo terreno del mundo real, le da a JetFighter IV la mejor sensación de vuelo de la industria del entretenimiento

Requiere : P333, 32 Mb RAM, CD ROM, Win9x/Me, Acelaradora 3D 4 Mb VRAM


JetFighter IV: Fortress America is a combat flight simulation that harnesses super-sleek hardware-accelerated graphics, the easiest flight control system available, and the thrill of piloting billion-dollar jet fighters, delivering a heart-pounding, fevered defense of American soil.

Fly as the first line of defense above one of the best known cities in the USA! Downtown San Francisco and the 50,000 square miles surrounding it are meticulously recreated in jaw-dropping detail!

Pilot vaunted American aircraft - such as the F-14 TomCat, the F-22 Raptor, and the F/A-18 Hornet, defending the U.S.A. against an insidious surprise attack. Choose your ordinance from a variety of payloads - from AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles and GBU 24 2000 lb Laser Guided Bombs to the electrically driven M61-A1Vulcan Cannon and more!

Four times the terrain detail of JetFighter III - the best looking combat flight sim now looks even better! The photorealistic scenery is positively breathtaking - with simulated topography across the San Francisco geography! The Golden Gate bridge has never looked better - from 300 or 30,000 feet from the deck.

Three clicks, throttle forward, and pull back on the stick - now you're airborne! JetFighter IV retains the classic JetFighter ease of use and feeling of flight, while increasing the game simulation realism.

Multiplayer action includes deathmatch and co-op missions, with up to 16 pilots on a LAN or over the Internet.

The enemy deserves no mercy - you're defending American soil! Repel the enemy air threat, disable their naval vessels and eliminate their ground forces in over 30 challenging and dynamic missions over your own back yard.

Technology developed for JetFighter IV is also being used in the official F-14 Tomcat LANTIRN trainer used by the U.S. Navy.