Search and Rescue 2


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Search and Rescue 2 is the successor to the original Search and Rescue. It simulates a US Coast Guard Dolphin HH65. You will perform all CG duties, such as custom inspections, hazardous rescues, searches, and more.

The game is single player only. You can perform free flight, single missions, or a full "campaign mode" where you simulate the career of a Coast Guard pilot. After each mission, you are rated for any mistakes that you made. Some missions have time limits.

Force feedback was not supported. However, joystick, keyboard, mouse are all supported. Optional throttle and rudder support are also available.

Features 3D accelerated graphics, over 50 missions, over 10 different flight areas, detailed weather effects including clouds, rain, fog, dusk/dawn, night, and more.

Search And Rescue 2 (SAR2) is a simulator where the player takes control of a Dolphin HH65 helicopter. You will fly as a pilot, assigned to an American Coast Guard base, and experience the thrills and excitement of day to day search and rescue missions. As you progress in skill and rank, you will be faced with more difficult missions, and hazardous rescue attempts.

SAR2 will focus on realism in helicopter handling and general physics, as well as a realistic story line. There will be no combat scenes or scenes of meaningless violence and the primary goal and reward for you will be to save the lives of people in distress.

You will be able to play through a campaign scenario, with an unlimited number of randomly generated missions. Each of these missions will be part of your pilot's career history, and together they form a story flow, which will be recorded in your Pilot's Log.

You can also choose to fly a single mission. Here you can define the kind of mission you want to fly, by setting the mission generation parameters, thereby enabling you to test your skills in certain weather conditions or mission types before taking on the challenge of the campaign.


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